The two cabins could be used as is for a quiet, luxuriously rustic retreat, or very easily converted to self-contained tiny houses. The difficult foundation work for the level 24 x 24 house site has already been done and it’s ready for building to your specifications – we were planning on a 1-1/2 story cabin. The town building inspector is reasonable and decent.

While there is an approved full-size septic system in place, a sawdust toilet has been the easiest interim solution for us.  It would be very easy to connect one cabin to the existing septic and not at all difficult to connect the other, which is in line with the building site of what we viewed as the main house-to-be. 

The foundation for that main building is 24 x 24, with a framed foundation for a 10 x 16 extension on the back of the building.  This is a pier foundation only.

The purchase price is $65,000, to include the stainless steel Bison hand pump.  We are also open to offers on the appliances and materials that are there, which include the stove and refrigerator, plus:

2 wood stoves (one is a nice Jøtul adequately sized for pretty much anything you could build on that foundation)
a used Anderson picture window
an unused set of Wenco external-grade steel/thermal glass French doors (one fixed), c. 70″x80″
2 commercial-grade insulated 5’x8′ windows
probably a couple thousand dollars’ worth of oak firewood, cut, mostly stacked and DRY
pressure treated timbers
miscellaneous 4×6 and 2×4 lumber, tarped and perhaps still useable
lots of logs!
4 3′ sections of Simpson double-wall stove pipe
a skylight

If you’re interested, we also have the components for a small off-grid solar system, designed in conjunction with Backwoods Solar, including 4 80w PV panels and a charge controller and inverter.  They’ve been in a dry storage unit for years, but were newly purchased for around $3,300 – not including batteries, which you would want to buy fresh anyway. We could talk about adding that to the list, too.

If you build on the 24 x 24 foundation, the town’s tax rates are significantly lower than neighboring Ithaca’s, or any of the surrounding areas and, as long as you have 4-wheel drive, Cornell, Ithaca College, and the surrounding towns are all a manageable 20-minute commute.

On the other hand, the cabins are both under 144 sq. feet, and so the taxes are unbelievably low for this part of the country – around $35 per month.  So you could simply use this as a summer cabin or a winter hideout; a peaceful and very inexpensive getaway.


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