The land

Our homestead is on nearly three comfortably remote acres of gently sloping forested land on a secluded town road just south of Ithaca, NY – beautiful 100-ft. tall red oaks with an understory of fragrant witch hazel and beech. The only cleared and leveled spot is the house site, adjacent to the well pump – about 36 x 36 feet.

At about 1750 feet above sea level, the parcel is configured in the shape of a right triangle with c.700 feet of (unpaved but well-maintained) road frontage as the hypotenuse, and is surrounded by much larger, mostly undeveloped parcels on either side. Quiet and peaceful, the property is adjacent to the historic Lavender Hill commune, with the old Brown Cow Creamery just up the road. No other houses or even lights are visible from most of the land, which is surrounded by hundreds of acres that slope steeply down to a biodiversity preserve on the main highway. Your neighbors are songbirds, owls, deer, foxes, grouse, and huge flocks of wild turkeys.

The rest of the neighbors, a friendly mix of mostly long-term residents, generally keep themselves to themselves.  The small size of the cabins and the acreage keep the taxes very low.  The actual size is close to 2.75 but this a bit meaningless since the property lines fan out towards the town road, with 790 feet of frontage.  The back corner of the property is adjoined by two other parcels that are quite distant from the road.  The owners of the 40-acre and 15-acre adjacent properties are both interested in maintaining the wooded beauty of the setting.  


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